Our Veterinarians

Our Vets are a dedicated and caring team

Dr. Lea Fistein – Practice Owner
Dr. Kenneth Diestler – Associate Vet
Dr. Michael Ferrari – Associate Vet
Dr. Kassandra Martinez – Associate Vet

Our Administrative Team

Our Administrative Team help keep things running smoothly from behind the scenes.

Bonnie Stark – Office Manager
Drew Smith – Administrative Assistant
Leah Mason – Client Liaison
April Mathews – Pharmacy Tech

Our Client Services Team

Our Client Services Team are the face of the Clinic and do their best to make everyone feel welcome.

Audrey Johnson – Co-Lead
Katie Touchton – Co-Lead
John Moran II
Kaitlyn Spears
Kayla Garcia
Kayla Manuel

Our Tech Team

Our Tech Team works closely with the Vets to ensure our patients get the best care possible.

Amanda Hunt – Co-Lead
Lynda Kulick – Co-Lead
Jessica Guerrero
Hannah Menn
Christina Martinez
Aryelle Escobedo
Kaitlynn Blankenship
Ray Castro
Alex Tushup
Kari Perkins

Kennel 2019

Our Animal Care Team

Our Animal Care Team keep our patients and boarders comfortable during their stay.

Rachel Weaver – Lead
Amber Christopher
Kailee Jackson
Jordan Davis
Alexa Safford
Maddy Stout