Our Veterinary Team

Dr. Lea Fistein – Practice Owner
Dr. Charlet Hubertus – Associate Vet
Dr. Belinda Brining – Associate Vet (not pictured)
Dr. Kenneth Diestler – Associate Vet (not pictured)

Our Administrative Team

Helps keep things running smoothly from behind the scenes.

Brittany Cloessner – Client Liaison (front left)
Drew Smith – Administrative Assistant (front center)
Bonnie Stark – Office Manager (front right)
Kim Garcia – Reception Admin (left back)
Scott Diiorio – Inventory Control, OSHA (right back)

Our Client Services Team

They are the face of our Clinic and do their best to make visits as pleasant as possible.

Julie Ellis (front left)
Leah Mason – Lead (front center)
Mykaela Gorom (front right)
Audrey Johnson (back left)
Katie Touchton (back center)
Chase Davila (back right)

Our Tech Team

Working closely with the Vets to ensure our patients get the best care possible.

Jessica Guerrero (front left)
Lynda Kulick (front left center)
Amanda Alvarado (front center)
Amanda Hunt – Lead (front right)
Shayna Heathcock (back left)
Kristen Thompson (back center)
Mykaela Gorom (back right center)
Rebecca Popland (back right)

Our Animal Care Team

Keeps patients and boarders comfortable during their stay.

Rachel Weaver – Lead (left)
Natasha Moment (center)
John Moran II (right)

Our Quality Control Team

Making sure everyone is doing their jobs!
Sheldon is our resident tripod cat (he likes his place on the couch just like Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory), and Bruce, Dr. Fistein’s constant companion (Thinks he’s the Boss and Head Treat Tester, and he is very thorough with this particular job).

Sunshine welcomes clients and keeps the Cat Clinic running smoothly.