Walkin’s & Emergencies

Walk-In’s & Emergencies

Experience Our Walk-in Services

Life with furry friends is rarely predictable. Sometimes, unexpected concerns arise, leaving you scrambling for quick and reliable care. That’s why we offer Walk-in & Emergency services during regular hours, ensuring your pet receives prompt attention when they need it most.

What Is a Walk-in?

Didn’t have time to make an appointment, don’t worry we take walk-ins.

Our Walk-in service for non-emergency needs and basic consultations might include:

  • Sudden Illness or  Injuries: Vomiting, diarrhea, limping or skin issues.
  • Medication Refills: Running low on essential prescriptions? Get a quick refill without an appointment.
  • Basic Consultations: Need quick professional advice on non-urgent concerns like behavior changes or diet questions? We’re here to help.

What Is an Emergency?

Emergencies take priority over all else, we will do all we can for your pet in these situations during regular hours 7:30pm – 5:30pm.  What counts as an emergency? Hit by Car, Bleeding, Heatstroke, Seizures, Stroke, your pet has been attached by another animal, Allergic reaction, Trouble breathing, Collapsed, Snake bit or Male cat not urinating.

After hours: Contact/go to

VCA Animal Emergency Hospital Located in Calder Medical Plaza

Address: 1108 Gulf Fwy S Suite 280, League City, TX 77573

Hours: Opens 6 PM

Phone: (281) 332-1678

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