Hurricane Notice

We live in an area that is subject to severe weather events such as hurricanes and tropical storms. While it is our policy to remain here and care for the pets in our trust, you need to be aware that we will probably be operating under adverse conditions for an indeterminate period of time.While we are in a flood zone, in the time we’ve been here our buildings have never been threatened with rising water.

We always keep an ample supply of food and water on hand during these periods.While we try to plan for all contingencies, we cannot make any guarantees or promises concerning your pet’s safety or well-being. We will do the best we can under whatever circumstances we’re faced with, but leaving your pet here during a serious storm does involve risks.

We Will Lose Electric Power.

This condition could last for a few hours, a few days or even a few weeks. We have generators, but they cannot produce enough electricity to power our entire facility. The kennel will not have air conditioning or lights until full power returns. In addition, we may not be able to effectively clean the dog enclosures during these periods.

We Will Lose Telephone Service.

This usually lasts as long as the loss of electricity. Cell phone and texting services are also usually compromised. You will not be able to contact us until these services are restored. Once we have communicated with someone outside the affected area they will usually post information about our status on our Facebook page.

We Will Not Be Able to Deal with Any Medical Emergencies.

Most animal hospitals close during these storms and do not re-open until basic services are restored. We will not accept any pets with extensive or serious medical needs such as heart conditions or diabetes during these periods.

Depending on how quickly the storm moves out of our area, we could face several days of unceasing rain and high humidity. Pets will get wet and we may not be able to properly dry them.