The Smart Tag That Lights Up Your Pet's Routine


Ever forget your pet’s medication? Worried you missed their walk time? Pet Cue takes the guesswork out of pet care with a smart tag that lights up and connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, reminding you of essential tasks for your furry friend.

Pet Cue is a smart tag that lights up and reminds you of your pet’s meds, walks, vet visits, and even helps find them if they stray, all managed through one app with multiple pet support.

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Medication & Reminder Alerts Made Simple

Medication and Reminder Alerts

  • Create detailed medication profiles: Track medications, dosages, and refill reminders, all in one place.
  • Set personalized alerts: Receive gentle notifications for upcoming medication times, so you never miss a dose.
  • Schedule custom reminders: Don’t let vet appointments, grooming sessions, or even nail trims slip your mind.
  • Share reminders with family: Keep everyone involved and ensure your pet gets the consistent care they deserve.
Bluetooth-Enabled Reminders & Lights Streamline Care

Multiple Pets, One App

  • Individualized profiles: Track medications, reminders, and notes for each pet, ensuring their unique needs are met.
  • Shared access: Invite family members to join, fostering shared responsibility and keeping everyone informed.
  • Color-coded organization: Easily differentiate your pets’ profiles and information with a visual touch.
  • Synchronized reminders: Never miss a vet visit, grooming session, or medication again, for any pet.
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Capturing the Joy of Wellness

Celebrating Happy & Healthy Pets

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Renn Young
Renn Young
Great service. They really care about saving an animals life. They saved my dog's life💗
Chris M
Chris M
They took the very best care if our dog Lucky .Awesome Place. Great people.
Awesome people Loving people Awesome place Recommend with all my heart Wonderful caring experienced clinicians and doctors and nurses and all!!!! I extremely highly recommend them to anyone and all!!
Melissa Abel
Melissa Abel
I absolutely love this vet. One of the very few vets I’ve encountered lately who actually cares about the animals they treat. You can just tell that she loves animals and her staff is amazing! My faith in having a local vet - renewed!!!! I highly recommend!!!! I feel compelled to add that not only are these guys extremely kind and genuinely good folks, but they are extremely knowledgeable and phenomenal doctors and professionals. They saved my baby after he was hit by a car, and totally took care of him even before I could be notified he was hurt. Without the quick, selfless response these guys gave to my boy - he would not have survived his injuries. I know lots of vet’s that would have waited to confirm payment and even ownership before “wasting” their time, energy, and knowledge on a dog brought in by animal control. But not this vet. They took care of Rosco as soon as he arrived and gave him the very best care possible where by saving his life. And they did all of it before I was even located and notified because I was out looking for Rosco who had broken out of my house. I’m eternally grateful for these guys and how well they treated my guy before they even knew if he was a stray or not! That alone, for me, says everything needed about the kind of doctors and staff these hero’s are! If you are in Galveston and looking for a vet for your pets; in my opinion, this is the only possible choice! Hands down the best vet on the island and in surrounding areas! I just cannot say enough great things about this place! And every time I go there whether for flea meds or a check up, I’m continually surprised and impressed with their level of service and commitment to the well being of animals! 5 stars just doesn’t seem like it does these guys justice I’d give them so many more if I could!!!