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The Animal Clinic tries to help homeless animals in need whenever possible. Sadly, many of those animals come from neglect and abuse cases and require extensive medical care, which can lead to financial constraints. For this purpose the clinic has created Sally’s Fund, named in honor of a shelter dog in need.

A Spark of Hope Ignites

Sally's Story

Meet Mustang Sally, a name now synonymous with resilience and the power of second chances. We first encountered her at the shelter, huddled on the euthanasia table. A hit-and-run accident had left her broken, both physically and emotionally. Her eyes, filled with a silent plea for help, haunted Dr. Fistein. X-rays revealed the extent of her injuries: shattered legs, a dislocated hip, and an old fracture hinting at a life filled with hardship. Surgery was her only hope, but the cost threatened to extinguish it. Yet, Dr. Fistein couldn’t turn away. Sally’s spirit, though battered, refused to be silenced.

Generous hearts join hands, fueling Sally's recovery

Transforming Tragedy into Hope for Injured Pets

Thanks to the compassionate hearts of our community, Sally’s story didn’t end on that cold table. Donations poured into Sally’s Fund, exceeding any previous amount. Her surgeries became a reality, and a specialist was consulted to ensure the best possible outcome. But Sally’s story didn’t stop there. The outpouring of love inspired further donations, allowing us to help another dog named Max, who suffered a similar pelvic injury. Witnessing Sally’s recovery fueled Max’s fight, and soon, both were on their way to happy endings.

She has been adopted by a wonderful family and is now known as Mustang Sally and is deeply loved. There are so many animals in need. No one can do this alone. Help us, help them. Donate to Sally’s Fund and help make a difference.

Donate to Sally's Fund Today!

Be a Part of the Change. Help Us Help Them

By donating to Sally’s Fund, you become a vital part of this incredible story. Your contribution:

  • Grants animals like Sally and Max a fighting chance, covering the costs of life-saving medical care.
  • Fuels second chances, witnessing the joy of animals finding loving homes after overcoming hardship.
  • Makes you part of a compassionate community, joining hands with fellow animal lovers to spread kindness and hope.

Donate today and rewrite the narratives of countless animals. With your support, even the most challenging cases can find happy endings. Let Sally’s story be a testament to the power of community and the impact you can make.

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