No Longer With Us, But Always in Our Hearts

Honoring Our Furry Friends Who Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

There are footprints on our hearts that no time can erase. In this special corner of our website, we remember the beloved pets who touched our lives with their unique paw prints and wagging tails, even though they are no longer physically with us. Each story within these pages chronicles the exceptional creatures who stole our hearts, reminding us of the profound joy and unwavering love they brought into our world.



It was love at first site when you showed up on our porch in October 2021 looking for a fresh meal. We’re not sure you were crazy about becoming an indoor cat, but you fit in quickly and became fast friends with your fellow felines, Billie, Fern and even pesty Edward. You loved snuggling with Billie and your favorite place on a nice evening was our safe and secure Catio. You were such a beautiful and gentle soul and we are so heartbroken to have lost you so soon to lymphoma. We will always love and miss you, and hope you are enjoying an awesome afterlife across the rainbow bridge. Rest in peace sweetheart. 12/29/23 – Tracy R


Had to have my boy pts one year ago, today, March 13th, 2023.Dr. Jones was very gentle, genuine, and caring. I’ll never forget her kindness. – Toni T


On 4/8/22 our handsome boy crossed the rainbow bridge and his mama & papa were with him until the very end. We can’t find the words to express how completely empty we feel without him. But now our sweet boy is running in heaven and eating all the cheese he could ever want. We have our guardian angel now and know that our future babies will always have a big brother looking over them. We miss you so much bubby.


Words cannot describe the lost feeling without you. Thank you for entering my life, your squishy face, clumsiness, and snoring will be forever missed. Since the day Gamgam and I brought you home, you filled our family with so much joy and laughter. You’ve enjoyed living around the woods, a farm, and by the sea. I’ve been blessed to have you as my dog and hope you were blessed to have me as your owner. I am so sorry you had to go through effects from lymphoma those last days.

May you Rest in Peace Harley, 2007-2019. -Meghan


We rescued Beau from a puppy mill in late 2010, but in fact he rescued us. The time we had just wasn’t enough. He loved everyone & everyone loved him. His loving heart grew tired and he succumbed to congestive heart failure tonight. Surrounded by his pack, he drifted away in Daddy’s arms. Sleep well our little king, and hurt no more. We love you with all our hearts. ♡

Beaumont Brennen 10/13/2005-8/7/2018


My Delilah was placed into peace 8/4/17. Delilah was a 13 year old Boxer. Words cannot say how much we will miss her as she was a HUGE part of the family. Thank You for your care and compassion when I brought her in and she was diagnosed with Cushings Disease.    -Linda


I got my Boomboom when he was 8 weeks old. He filed my heart with joy from the first time I laid my eyes on him. He was my Buddy, My Best Friend, My Heart and my Soul. He had the best life any fur baby could ever ask for or want. When I had my strokes he never left my side and when he was going through his medical issues I was there for him just like he was for me. I miss him so much. He was so caring, and loving. There will never, ever be another Boomboom.

Rest in Peace my big boy. You will forever be in my heart. -Belinda P


Petey was the best dog a family could ask for. He was loved by everyone who crossed his path. His first 3 years were spent with a chain around his neck, the next 13 he made up for it by enjoying every day with his family. Petey embodied what a “really good dog” should be like, he is deeply missed by all that knew him.     -Lea F


Snowman was the Happiest dog i ever owned even after getting bone cancer he was happy till the day he died knowing he was loved.    -Dan L

Sharing Their Story, Keeping Them Close

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