On some occasions we have cats and dogs that fall into our hands and need forever homes. Some pets have been in our care for awhile, while others are more recent. Please take a moment to look at these potential family members to see if they could be your next pet! If you are interested in any of these pets, please give us a call!

Every now and then we have kittens in our lobby for adoption as well. These kittens are not posted on this website, so if you are interested feel free to come in and meet them.

Princess - Pet Adoption Galveston - Adopt Cats or Dogs - Pet Clinic
Princess is a very energetic, playful 3 year old Pit Bull. She likes attention and loves to play with her toys. She is looking for a specific home with older children and no other pets.

Stewie - Pet Adoption Galveston - Adopt Cats or Dogs - Pet Clinic
Stewie is a sweet, carefree, cuddling 3 year old Domestic Shorthair cat. He is a very relaxed cat and loves to be petted and just lay around. He would be a great pet for any home.